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Current Status: "Lunatics!" Project Positions Open

After releasing our preview trailer on Patreon, we are now working on finishing our first episode. We've identified a number of areas where we could use more help -- both Blender and non-Blender related. (read more)

About Lunatics

Lunatics is a new animated series being produced by Anansi Spaceworks which will follow the first true extra-terrestrial colonists in their new life in a Lunar Homestead.

There comes a time when exploration has to change to development, when outposts are replaced by settlements, and when space becomes not just a place to work, but a place to live. This is the mission of the International Space Foundation's lunar colony project, led by space visionary Dr. Robert Lerner and dynastic space entrepreneur Anya Titova-Farmer.

In the pilot episode, they are joined by their respective families, forming the basis for the colony: Lerner's wife Hiromi Aoki Lerner and young daughter Georgiana and Titova-Farmer's husband Joshua Farmer and teenage son Igor Timothy Farmer.

Follow-up episodes introduce the "Meta-Conceptual" resident artist, R. Allen Emerson and planetary geologist Dr. Sarah Allison.

Some Basic Facts About Lunatics

Completed Work:

  • Audio drama episode, "Earth".
  • A storyboard animatic has been created to guide production of the animated pilot, "No Children in Space".
  • Some of the exterior spacecraft shots for the pilot have been pre-visualized.
  • A two-minute demo/teaser animation was created showing the launch into space from Georgiana Lerner's point of view. This was one option for visual style, although we are now probably going to do a more NPR look than this.
  • Blender models for the Soyuz launch system have been completed by Chris Kuhn (Exterior models of "Baikonur Start" launch pad, Soyuz launch vehicle, and "Soyuz-SF" orbiter).
  • Blender models for the Lunar Transportation System "Service Module" and "Lander" have been completed by Chris Kuhn, including some earlier work by Vyacheslav Yastrebcev on the Lander.
  • A Blender interior set for the "Soyuz Descent Module" was completed by our Summer 2011 production team.
  • Blender models have been created by Bela Szabo for principal characters "Georgiana", "Hiromi", "Josh", "Anya", and "Tim" as well as "Sergei" for the pilot.
  • A temporary rig exists for the "Spacesuited Georgiana" model used in the Soyuz launch teaser, including Andrew Pray's spacesuit model created in 2011.
  • Writing backstory for the major characters and art design work are available in our Pre-Production Artbook & Writer's Guide (PDF Downloads).
  • Voice recording is finished for "No Children in Space" (pilot episode) and "Earth" (episode 2).
  • Script for episode 3 ("Cyborg") is nearly finished (currently being edited).
  • Brief treatments have been written for all of Season 1, and some of Season 2 (subject to revision).

In Progress

  • Chris Kuhn has begun work on "Space Station Alpha" (a future, extended version of the current International Space Station).
  • Bela Szabo is continuing modeling the principal characters: "Rob", "Allen", and "Sarah" are next.
  • Terry Hancock is working on project administration, promotions for the audio drama, assisting Chris and Bela with references and direction, and creating a pre-viz model for the ISF-1 colony set.
  • Rosalyn Hunter is working on the novella for "No Children in Space" and the script for "Cyborg" (episode 3).
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