Artwork and Banners for Lunatics

Moon Shuttle Model

Animatic model of the Moon Shuttle (LTS). The Lunar Transportation System is the cornerstone of the United States' lunar logistics in 2040, and provides almost 100% of all resupply requirements for bases run by USAF, NASA, and ESA (very much like the role of the US "Space Shuttle" with respect to Low-Earth Orbit in the 1990s. Additionally, many of the components of the ISF colony are LTS-derived (some, like the fuel-cells and tanks are actually refurbished discards).

This is a quick model I designed to use in creating storyboards and animatics. A more detailed and somewhat redesigned model will be created during production which appear in the actual series.


Briefly, the components in the above animation are:

There is no separate "command module" -- the pilot controls the service module from a dedicated console in the Lander cockpit. There's also a brief turnaround animation of this model.

Model Sheets

Sneak preview of the model sheets which we'll be releasing in full SVG format in June. Drawn by Daniel Fu. Thanks to our Pre-Production Kickstart backers for making these possible!

Model sheets for the colonists (main characters).

Rob Hiromi Georgiana Tim Anya Josh Allen Sarah

Model sheets for personnel at USAF Iridium Station (secondary characters).

Mark Salt Mark

Walk-on / Extras / Generic characters.

Kazakh Boy

The "Kazakh Boy" refers to the use in the train scene at the beginning. We'll re-dress this model to make the "Street Interview Boy" and probably any other boys who appear in the pilot. Can't really use an adult model for those.

Coming soon: Generic male and female model sheets. These will be "mix-and-match" style sheets we can use along with proportional stretching to generate various background characters for crowds, and walk-on characters.


Banners in standard advertising sizes. Please use these to spread the word about the "Lunatics!" video project. Link back to You can host these on your own server, or you can select and paste the embed code to serve them from here.

These were last updated in August, 2013.

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Tiniest banner (88x31).
Early Internet kitsch!
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Clear background
Animated Square 125x125
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