Contacting Us

Correspondence can be sent to Terry Hancock:


If you need to send us snail mail for some reason, it can be sent to:

Attn: Lunatics Project
Anansi Spaceworks
8625 S. Hwy 171
Grandview, TX 76050

If you are interested in participating in the project, you can also
Join the Pre-Production wiki or
Request to subscribet to the Google Group.
Both require memberships to post or view content and may contain "spoilers", at least for the next episode in production. However, participation in the project is open and informal as with most open source projects. We do ask that you don't publicly share plot spoilers for upcoming episodes prior to release, as a courtesy to fans.

Lurkers are welcome to join these to observe the project. Just don't spam or vandalize the site. If you wish to participate actively, please post an introduction in the Google Group or email Terry using the address above. The Google Group is currently very low volume.