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Working on Animatic DVD Still

I'm still working on mastering the DVD for the animatics (a Kickstarter reward for the pre-production backers -- in fact, the final one, along with the flash-media versions of the same content). I'm having some considerable headaches with the software, but it's getting done.
Working on Animatic DVD Still

Main Menu for the Animatic DVD

I'm continuing to work on the DVD-mastering for the pre-production Kickstart backers. This has been much harder than I expected, due (it would seem) to the avconv/ffmpeg schism and the associated splits in distributions and multimedia package support.

So, two days of design work has turned into a week of troubleshooting and work-arounds. That seems like quite a poor show for the free software development community to me.

I have to say, though, that I'm really loving the design concept behind Varol Okan's Q-DVD-Author: I love the way it shows you the scripting steps that it will take on the backend to build your DVD.

This makes it possible (albeit very tedious) to modify and/or manually execute the commands (or even to substitute alternatives that do the same thing). I've been able to use this to work around most of the problems.

There is of course the option of jumping ship from Debian to Fedora (which uses the original ffmpeg fork and therefore has better support for multimedia packages that rely on it), but that's a huge time-sink (much bigger than these workarounds) and would risk a lot of consequences on all of the other software I use. It could be a disaster.

If I do that, I want to do it after delivering on this!

Anyway... work is proceeding.

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