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Now Fund Raising for the Voice Production and Animatic

We have just switched over to a smaller Kickstarter campaign to fund just the production of the voice cast (with sound effects, foley sound, and music) and a 2D animatic created by Timothée Giet based on storyboards by Terry Hancock. Find it here:

Thank you very much to all of you who were willing to support our pilot episode Kickstarter! It has, however, been apparent for awhile now that we're not going to succeed in funding the entire production process for the pilot episode in one go. So much for the "frontal assault"!

However, this is not the end for "Lunatics!"

In fact, if we can raise the (much smaller) $4235 goal of our new Kickstarter campaign, we'll hardly lose any time at all on our immediate goals of creating an animatic with a full voice cast recording and sound production.

This eliminates some of the riskiest and costliest parts of the episode production (3D modeling and animation) and focuses on steps we are ready to do right away, and the cost is a great deal more attainable (we'd be at over 40% of that goal if we simply transferred the pledges from our pilot episode Kickstarter to the new one -- of course there's no guarantee that will happen, but I'm hoping that there will be a higher level of confidence in this more conservative goal).

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