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More Animatic Progress

I made 35 new storyboard sketches yesterday. I'm scanning them in right now. I've also created 10 CG animatic shots for spacecraft exterior shots. This puts me a bit behind where I had hoped to be at the beginning of the week, but I'm still making pretty good progress.
More Animatic Progress

Lander as it appears in the animatic

The new storyboards are mostly for the "life in freefall" sequence on the way to the Moon and Georgiana's "exploring the colony", which in the final production will be a great way to introduce some of the elements of our set. As it is, it's a bunch of sketches based on the floorplans I did earlier. Of course, it takes awhile just to scan them.

Two sequences are still empty -- "Meetings at Iridium" and "Dinner Table".

"Meetings" is very complex to block, with about a dozen characters on-screen at once -- it's tricky to keep track of where everyone is at each point. I'm contemplating whether I really want to do this with sketches or if I want to use my character placemarker models and move the characters around like game pieces. That might look kind of silly, but I'm just trying to make sure about where each of the characters is at each point. This scene is also going to be "deep field" with action happening the background as well as foreground of the shots. It'll probably be the last sequence I finish.

The Dinner scene is actually very simple -- mostly one and two character shots, but as it is intend to mix in with the end credits, the framing will be unusual. I might also want to go straight to using concept art for the characters here.

I'm guessing I need another day or two to finish up the animatic itself at this rate (it may take another day to deal with some of the publishing issues like updating the credits and uploading the video).

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